Crime Report

Closing the gap between job needs and getting degrees

4/30/15 11:04am

Just over a week ago, business policy group ReadyNation released a report saying Illinois could be short 150,000 qualified workers in a variety of fields by the year 2020. ReadyNation says the number 150,000 comes from the fact that 69 percent of the 2.3 million job openings in Illinois require postsecondary ...

Campus Safety and Police focus on preventative technologies

9/10/14 8:44pm

After a relatively restful summer, Campus Safety and Police are getting back into the swing of things with new equipment, enforcing old policies and keeping students safe.  The biggest changes in regards to law enforcement on campus are the body cameras that Campus Police and Security officers wear now.

Elon blue lights aim to prevent crime at cost

3/4/14 11:31pm

A walk across Elon University’s campus in the middle of the night is never completely pitch-black, thanks in large part to the 31 blue light emergency response systems that illuminate the darker reaches of campus. The blue lights, which cost $5,000 to install and have yearly electricity fees, are a necessary crime deterrent on campus, according to Dennis Franks, Elon University police chief.

Elon man injured in drive-by shooting

9/25/11 12:20am

A resident of the Town of Elon was injured during a drive-by shooting at the intersection of South Church and Delaney streets Saturday afternoon. James Ricks, of Elon, was shot and treated at Alamance Regional Medical Center for an upper torso and arm injury.

5 Years of Crime At Elon

4/15/10 10:26pm

When a Student Breaks a Law the Case is Handled by One of the Following: [threecol_one] Judicial Affairs  Judicial Affairs, Elon University's internal judicial body, not only holds students responsible for statutory laws but also Elon's Honor Code and student handbook.